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Our story

This is the story of a family that for 68 years has kept alive the tradition, the quest and the art of working with your hands.

Today, in a world where advanced technology prevails over everything, we are that tiny exception where dirtying your hands with hard work and sweat you can still make a difference.

We believe in what we do, in our venture, in the passion with which we do our work, and in those who still appreciate the quality of our products.

We are Artisans, for us nothing is more modern than the past.



We strongly believe in what we do, in tradition, in passion, in the art of working naturally. We follow personally all the production processes in order to achieve an excellent final product.

For this reason, we have preserved the tradition of roasting with wood and a direct flame, methods made obsolete today with the arrival of new technology (electricity and methane).

In technical terms, the substantial difference between the two processing methods (gas and wood) is the final result.


With wood roasting, the processing is followed step by step, all the phases undertaken manually. Cooking times are around 20 minutes, depending on the type of coffee. The direct contact between the wood, and the coffee adds delicious benefits and aromas to the product, which is why the selection of the wood is a very important phase and we always choose oak.

Roasting with wood involves a greater expenditure of time and energy and consequently higher costs, but at the same time it allows us to obtain an excellent result in terms of quality.

With gas roasting, manual work is almost completely replaced by machines, cooking times are significantly lowered to about 7/8 minutes, manpower is reduced and so are costs.

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