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Chelotti Coffee


Chelotti Coffee grew out of an idea of Sara and Martina, Lauro’s daughters, to bring the processing method together with a purely Gourmet line.

They soon became passionate about their profession and before long both had a clear idea about the role to be filled.

The elder sister, Sara, focussed on production, straightaway supporting her father in research, in the selection of raw materials, and in blending and roasting.

From there she became passionate about single producers, harvesting methods, traceability of the product to its origin, and everything that is part of Specialty Coffee.

Martina, on the other hand, right from the start demonstrated interest in what is perhaps the most complex part which is usually given less attention.

The coffee in the cup. Essential for the success of a good coffee and for protecting the hard work done by the roaster is an understanding of the product, the machine, the grinding, doses, temperature, and infusion times.

Lovers of refined things sign their name to the GOURMET & SPECIALTY.

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